Dr. Hilal Ahmad Wani Moves from University of Ilorin, Nigeria to University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


One of the productive writer for the academic journals of ASPENSI (Association of Indonesian Scholars of History Education), Dr. Hilal Ahmad Wani, has been moving from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria to the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Andi Suwirta, M.Hum., as one of the soul-mate of Dr. Hilal Ahmad Wani, said via his e-mail yesterday (October 28, 2013).


“I think as number one university in Malaysia, UM has considered the right decision to invite Dr. Hilal Ahmad Wani to come and work in Malaysia. He is still young lecturer and researcher, so that he will work productively”, said Suwirta.

Suwirta, who also as Chairperson of ASPENSI in Bandung, noted that for universities in Indonesia that want to be “a leading and outstanding university” in research and publication should be modeled what the UM has done. The higher education institution needs the lecturers as well as researchers productively so that the research output is able to be published and disseminated to the public scholars community.

“As we know that in the tertiary education, there are the motto about publish or perish. And if lecturers at the university, he/she does not conduct the research and write academic paper to be published, then he/she should be retired from the university”, Suwirta said.

In developing countries, especially in Indonesia, there are habitually some lecturers talk and teach more rather than research and write the book as well as papers for academic journals. Hence, the lecturers still live in oral tradition, not enter yet to literacy culture. [MAS]




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