TAWARIKH Journal Invited by DITJEN DIKTI for Following the Workshop on Journal’s Internationalization in Surabaya


In the context to enhance the national reputation of the journal to be indexed international journals, DP2M Ditjendikti Kemdikbud RI (Directorate for Research and Society Service, Directorate-General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia) in cooperation with ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) will hold a Workshop on Internationalization of Scientific Journals. Workshop will be held on Wednesday to Friday, 10-12 July 2013, with avenue at Majapahit Hotel, Jalan Tunjungan 65, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. More news can be found at: http://www.dikti.go.id/?p=10317&lang=id

Meanwhile, TAWARIKH: International Journal for Historical Studies including one journal – from 30 journals – are invited to attend the workshop, due to the TAWARIKH journal has been accredited by DP2M Ditjendikti Kemdikbud RI, for the period 2012-2017.

Contacted through his mobile telephone, Dr Anzar Abdullah, Chief Editor of the TAWARIKH journal in Makassar, South Sulawesi expressed his gratitude and joy for the invitation. According to Anzar, who is also as Secretary-General of ASPENSI (Association of Indonesian Scholars of History Education) in Bandung and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training UVRI (Veteran University of the Republic of Indonesia) in Makassar, in those workshop he will be accompanied by Managing Editor of TAWARIKH journal, Andi SUWIRTA, whose also served as Chairman of ASPENSI and Senior Lecturer at the Department of History Education UPI (Indonesia University of Education) in Bandung.

“Of course this is an opportunity and a chance to share the valuable insights, knowledge, and experience on how to manage an international journal in a professional manner,” added Anzar.

In the workshop on Internationalization of Scientific Journals in Indonesia, the participants are not only required to present the Management Report Publishing Journals respectively, but will also get the “enlightenment” from the expert journals in Indonesia, such as:

Lukman, S.T., Hum. of PDII-LIPI (Center for Documentation and Information of Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Sciences) Jakarta, who will discuss “Introduction to Internationalization Journal”.

Dr. Istadi of UNDIP (Diponegoro University) Semarang, who will discuss “Tips on Indexation in the International Indexer Institutions”.

Prof. Dr. Edy Soewono of ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology), who discussed “Indonesian Citation Index Mechanism for Scientific Journal Publishing in Indonesia”.

During the workshop was hosted and moderated by Prof. Dr. Ismunandar of ITB Bandung. [MAS]




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