Haji Didin Saripudin, Ph.D.: “Sharing Experiences Related to Currently Educational Problems and Solutions from Around the World”


On 25th to 28th October 2012, Haji Didin Saripudin, Ph.D., as Secretary-General of the ASPENSI (Association of Indonesian Scholars of History Education), has been participating in the 3rd World Conference on Learning, Teaching, and Educational Leadership. The conference was held at Maison N.-D. Chat d’Oiseau, Brussels, Belgium.

According to Didin, who also as Senior Lecturer at the Department of History Education UPI (Indonesia University of Education) in Bandung, the participants of the conference came from Lecturers and Academicians who experts in teaching, learning, and leadership around the world. More than 500 working papers from 73 nation-states were presented in the conference.

“I am really enjoyable to share experiences related to educational matters with faculty members come from United States of America, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Iran, Uganda, Kenya, Hungary, Austria, Kazakhstan, Rumania, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, French, Italy, and so forth”, Didin said.

Didin also added that there are some Plenary Session such as Mariana Patru of UNESCO (United Nations for Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) with paper entitled “Teacher Development in the Digital Age: Meeting the Relevance, Quality, and Sustainability Imperatives”; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Askin ASAN (Deputy Minister of  Family and Social Policy, Turkey) with paper entitled “Integrating Education Technologies into Ministry of Family and Social Policy: Turkish Experience”; and Prof. Dr. Servet Bayram of Marmara University, Turkey with also paper entitled “Human-Computer Interaction: Studies in Learning”.

The participants from Indonesia beside Haji Didin Saripudin, Ph.D. also Dr. Hajjah Kokom Komalasari, the later is as a Lecturer at the Department of Civic Education UPI. In the plenary session, Didin presented the working paper entitled “The Education and Training of Street Children in Open House”; and Kokom presented “The Values in Kho Ping Hoo Silat Story as Learning Resources for Developing Student’s Character”.

“My paper was interesting, according to some participants, due to articulates the important of non-formal education for solving problems the street children through the open house program in Indonesian context”, Didin said and also added that the conference participants also interested in with Kokom’s paper due to discuss the implementation and using the “silat” story, as the art of Indonesian self-body defense, to develop the students’ characters.

The conference, according to Didin, becomes the medium for networking, sharing, and enhancing some experiences related to teaching, learning, and educational leadership from participants around the world. What also importance is that all working papers will be published in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Journal (ISSN: 1877-0428) by Elsevier Ltd with indexed in Science-Direct, SCOPUS, and Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science).

Besides participating in the conference, Didin and Kokom have also been traveling to some in situs on the historical and cultural heritages in Brussels, such as “Grand Place” as one of the town squares beautifully in Europe; Museum voor het Kostuum en de Kant and Mannekin Pis as tourism iconic at Brussels city; Everardt Serclaes as hero statute of Brussels; and Mini Europe as miniature of European nation-states.

“We are also traveling to Amsterdam in Netherlands to see the Dam Square and Museum of Amsterdam in which more informing about the tales of the Dutchmen from the past to present, including the tales of Dutch journey to Batavia (now Jakarta) in Indonesia”, Didin added.

Congratulations and success always to Haji Didin Saripudin, Ph.D. and Dr. Hajjah Kokom Komalasari. [MAS]



    • Matakna kudu nyakola Sule, tong ngabodor bae. Di UPI mah loba jelema nu sok ngabodor, sabari garing, da ditambihan ku hasad, dengki, jeung jail ka batur.


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