ASPENSI Committee Has Conducted the Benchmarking to Bangkok, Thailand


In the context to compare the progress and development on the vocational education in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), ASPENSI (Asosiasi Sarjana Pendidikan Sejarah Indonesia or Association of Indonesian Scholars of History Education) has conducted the benchmark to Bangkok, Thailand, on May 17-20, 2012.

Sri R. Rosdianti, S.Pd., Vice Treasurer of ASPENSI, said that this agenda is as realization of one of the ASPENSI’s Programs. According to Sri, whose also as a Teacher of PIPS (Pendidikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial or Social Studies Education) at the SMKN (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri or State Senior High Vocational School) 9 in Bandung, the educational institution that be visited in Bangkok, Thailand was Chetupon Commercial College.

“We’d like to share knowledge and experiences, especially related to development of teacher professionalism. For example, what’s kind of research and publication conducted by the teachers in Thailand”, adding Sri whose also as a member of Associate Editor of ATIKAN: Jurnal Kajian Pendidikan or scientific journal on educational studies.

Similar opinion also informed by Dra. Tati Agustini Setiawati, one of the Division Member of ASPENSI for Public Relation and Cooperation. According to Tati, the college at Bangkok, Thailand, has trained and educated the students in vocational matters until to Diploma level. The fields of tourism, culinary, fashion, computer, as well as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) managements have become the core business of the college. In this context, Chetupon Commercial College in Bangkok, Thailand has had the good and modern infrastructures with the suitable and comfortable environments, adding Tati who also as a Senior Teacher at the SMKN 9 Bandung.

Sri and Tati also added that beside they were visiting the educational institution, the ASPENSI Committee visited the history and cultural sites in Bangkok such as: Wat Arun (Temple of the Down), Wat Pho (Sleep Buddha Statue made in from gold), Madame Taussauds Museum, and watched on the Drama Siam Niramit performance.

“The development of tourism as well as the preservation of history and cultural heritages in Bangkok, Thailand were actually good and interesting. This is remembering us to Yogyakarta and Balinese societies in Indonesia”, said Sri.

Tati also said that it is very important for Indonesian government, especially Ministry of Education and Culture, to learn more from Thailand government in managing the education and cultural matters in one hand and in preserving the historical heritages in other hand for enhancing the national and character building.

Congratulation and good luck for the ASPENSI Committee. Benchmarking is not only interesting but also able to compare something related to good and bad matters. [MAS]



  1. Hebat euy, pengurus ASPENSI jalan2 terus. Mau tanya neh: kalau ingin jadi anggota dan pengurus ASPENSI, bagaimana caranya?

    • Salam, Bachtiar. Untuk menjadi anggota ASPENSI mudah saja, yakni Anda harus berlangganan jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh ASPENSI. Silahkan kirim biodata dan foto terbaru Anda ke alamat emel:

  2. Seronok la tu, pengerusi ASPENSI pusing2 bandar Bangkok. Bila pulak nak pusing2 bandar KL? Salam muhibah.


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