Second Secretariat for ASPENSI


ASPENSI (Association of Indonesian Scholars of History Education) has good news that this professional organization takes the new building as second secretariat. Vice Head II of ASPENSI, Moch Eryk Kamsori, S.Pd., stated that this second secretariat of ASPENSI is located in Kemiri Hill Block B 16-17, Desa Cigugur Girang, Parongpong, Bandung Barat, West Java, Indonesia.

“As we know that till now, ASPENSI has the main secretariat at the Komp Vijaya Kusuma B-11/16 Cipadung, Bandung 40614, West Java, Indonesia”, Eryk adds.

According to Eryk, who also as a Lecturer at the Department of History Education UPI (Indonesia University of Education) in Bandung, this second secretariat of ASPENSI in Kemiri Hill will be used to conduct the meeting and especially discussions.

“About the discussions, it is the ASPENSI programs that being conducted regularely by inviting the guest speakers. The themes of discussion are various related to interdisciplines and multidimensional approaches”, Eryk stated at UPI Campus in Bandung.

“What also important here”, Eryk says, “that we discuss in English. It has the objectives in order the member and committee of ASPENSI are able not only to communicate in English as an international language, but also able to get the comprehensive knowledge”.

Finally, Eryk invites to members of ASPENSI – including all of you as ASPENSI News & Views reader – to participate in the ASPENSI program, especially discussion in English. [MAS]



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